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Starting a new chapter in your life should be a time of excitement and fresh beginnings – nobody wants to be weighed down with piles of paperwork and procrastination. So, if you’re wondering how to change your name, and you’re not sure where to begin, read on.

How to change your name, made easy

Changing your name can be a complicated maze to navigate, but at NameSwitch, we’ll help you whizz through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Let us equip you with all that you need to inform the various government bodies and companies that you have changed your first name, surname, title, or that you wish to double barrel/hyphenate surnames as a couple after marriage. Perhaps, you are looking to reclaim your maiden name after divorce? Whatever your situation or reason for wanting help with how to change your name, we’ve got you covered.

NameSwitch is an exciting online name changing service that simplifies the process of how to change your name. We use smart, secure automation to generate and populate the vast array of forms and letters that you need to let companies know about the change. And, best of all, NameSwitch is quick and easy to use.

It’s as simple as checking a box to choose who to notify from hundreds of UK companies and government bodies, and instead of filling in form after form, you’ll only have to input your details once! Within minutes, you will be equipped with all of the letters, forms and personalised instructions that you require to notify companies and government bodies to update your new name on their systems and any associated cards.

Whether you are getting married, divorced, changing gender or changing your name by deed poll for any reason, then this is the one-stop resource to make name changing so much easier.

Why should I choose NameSwitch?

We strive to provide the very best in automation, coupled with a personal, human touch. Profiles are usually populated within 60 seconds of checkout. Our dedicated, UK-based team are on hand to research any additional companies and process print packages for same or next day dispatch.

Responsive and experienced, our researchers review every order that comes through the system (you’d be amazed at how often people misspell their address). They will offer any additional guidance and suggestions on how to change your name and more based on their vast experience of helping thousands of men and women change their name every year. We strive to ensure that you get the very most out of your NameSwitch experience.

We estimate that we can save you more than fourteen hours of tedious stop-start research, sifting through websites, forms, and contacting call centres, grappling what can often be confusing or even conflicting information. Plus, as our servers are secured using state-of-the-art data encryption technology, we guarantee that you’ll be in the safest of hands through every step of the process.

“Fantastic service, so quick and efficient and worth every penny!”
Mrs Pat W
“I’ve been super impressed with the service you offer and honestly haven’t received this outstanding level of customer service for years.”
Mrs Vivienne B
“Awesome service provided for the price. It made the mission of changing my name so much easier! Took a huge pile of research off my hands. Definitely worth the money.”
Mrs Clare H

Why should I use your service rather than do it myself?

Many of our contented customers tell us that what’s potentially a very time-consuming process, which often results in various documents being overlooked, has been a breeze thanks to NameSwitch. And, you can get blitzing for as little as £45.95!

We’re here to make the process of how to change your name that much easier. As well as providing a plethora of useful FAQ’s, blogs and how to change your name guides on our website, our team of researchers are on hand to help you with specific questions, and are continuously adding new categories and companies into the mix. The average person has seventeen companies which they need to notify, and so, figuring out who needs what can be daunting.

With over 500 UK companies and government bodies already mapped on our systems, we offer a range of packages at affordable prices that make notifying the relevant ones for each individual so much faster and hassle-free. Simply select your preferred package, and we’ll provide you with personalised letters and forms that can be accessed via our secure online portal ready for you to sign and send.

For a modest charge, NameSwitch offers a choice of packages that make it easy for anyone who wants to know how to change your name to go about doing so. We even invite you to download a free name change checklist to help get you started.

How to change your name - what about my privacy and data security?

Protecting your data and your privacy while helping you learn how to change your name are at the heart of what we do. Your data is encrypted and stored on a secure portal which only you can access.

We are committed to protecting your information and will not share any of your personal information with anyone. Your password protects your individual account and we recommend that you use a unique and strong password, limit access to your computer and browser, and log out after having used the NameSwitch service.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we collect is stored securely against unauthorised access through the use of various methods, including access limitation, and industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to safeguard the account registration process and sign-up information. Other security safeguards include, but are not limited to, data encryption, firewalls, and physical access controls to building and files.

All documentation & personal data will be automatically destroyed after 6 months. Customer Name & Profile settings will be held for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting obligations or to resolve disputes.

As an added security measure, profiles will be removed from the online portal after 3 months. You may contact us at any time before the 6-month period from the date your order was first processed, and we will gladly re-generate your profile which you may then download. For further information on how we store, protect and process your information, please refer to our privacy policy.

Will my name change instantly after using this service?

No. We can only advise you on how to change your name and equip you with the tools required to go about it. However, our smart automation will populate your personalised letters, forms and instructions ready for download. It’s then over to you to sign & send on to the companies, in whichever order makes sense to you. The time it takes to process a name change request depends on the individual company and sometimes the season, e.g. passports will take longer during the summer months. Whilst you can prepare things in advance (nothing is dated) You can only send-off request the change your name once you have your marriage certificate/decree absolute/deed poll.

What kind of companies do I need to notify?

As well as helping you through the process of how to change your name, NameSwitch makes it easier to identify which organisations and companies you’ll need to notify about your impending name change.

Just some of the companies and organisations that you may wish to advise after learning how to change your name include your local council, HMRC, HM Passport Office, your mortgage lender, your bank, pension provider, communications providers, the DVLA, utility providers, and your insurance (e.g. house, health, life, and car) providers. With hundreds of UK companies already mapped on our systems – we’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to.

For a full list of the categories and companies we have mapped on our system, please refer to the Choose who to notify section. Further guidelines on the suggested contact order can be found here

Will I need a Deed Poll?

You’ll find several articles that cover a variety of topics relating to how to change your name on our Blog. And, one of our most-read blogs provides a helpful guide which can help you determine whether or not a Deed Poll is legally required to change your name.

We regularly add new posts that range from advice on navigating the various stages of how to change your name to topics of interest such as people’s personal experiences of changing names and combining surnames.

Can I purchase a NameSwitch package for someone else?

Yes! One of our most popular packages is our NameSwitch eGift card, which allows you to help a friend or loved one start their name change journey with us for as little as £45.95.

What do I do if I have further questions on how to change your name?

We understand that the prospect of advising different companies and organisations, let alone informing your family and friends, that your name is changing can be daunting. And, you may have particular questions regarding how to change your name based on your unique situation.

So, if you can’t find the answers that you’re looking for on our website or FAQ page, or you just want to chat to a human, please feel free to get in touch with us - we’re here to help!

“Easy, effortless, all in one tool. Very handy for busy individuals, highly recommended!”
Mrs Karolina F
“I had pretty much no idea where to start with changing my name but NameSwitch made it SO easy, I typed in a few details I had to hand and my forms & letters to send to all the companies that I need to inform of the change were generated. It was quick and simple! THANK YOU for providing such a brilliant customer service too!! ”
Mrs Emily P-B
“This service is a godsend”
Lindsey Peacock
“NameSwitch made what seemed like a really long, boring and gruelling process super easy and really time and effort efficient! I would even go as far to say it was an absolute doddle and almost enjoyable (just changing your name after marriage should be!) So, so glad we came across it when we did… Thank you to ‘The Girls’ at NameSwitch for making this so painless for us!”
Mr Sonny Wharton-Ward

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