How It Works

Get Switching

In three simple steps you can save over 14 hours of tedious and frustrating research time and blast through your name change in one fell swoop!

NameSwitch’s uniquely designed and secure system completes the forms and letters you need, ready for you to instantly download, sign and pop in the post.

If you dread the thought of wasting hours – or even days – drowning in the administration that comes with notifying people that you have a new married name or reclaimed your maiden name, you can let us take care of that for you. You’ll only have to fill in a single form!

Most popular with newlyweds, NameSwitch can also be used before and after marriage, divorce or gender change.

We’ve researched hundreds of companies spanning finance, insurance, utilities and government bodies and we really do know our stuff. With NameSwitch you’ll receive personalised instructions, which easily explain what you need to send off to keep you on track with your name changing journey.

“I was scared I would miss something out and it would take too long to pull all the necessary information together. Fortunately NameSwitch has made it really simple and has taken most of the effort out of the process. Thank you!”
Mrs Amy O
“Changing your name is something that is so unknown that the idea of doing it is really quite daunting and stressful and very admin based! Which is my idea of hell! But this service literally took ten minutes on the computer and brought up such a simple and organised pack, just for me. All the info I could possibly need was supplied. So simple and I am very happy. I would recommend to anyone.”
Mrs Vanessa O’D
“Amazing Customer Service!“
Mr William L-A

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