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What's in a name? Well, quite a lot actually. Your name is one of the most prominent things that distinguishes you and arguably one of the most personal things to you. There are a number of reasons why you may embark on a name change through deed poll – most commonly, people change names after marriage or divorce, but there are a host of other reasons why someone might decide to change their name by deed poll.

Changing name after Gender Reassignment

Arguably the most life changing event of all, changing your name after gender reassignment is a key milestone to assuming a new identity and for that to be recognised across all associated government bodies and companies that you have accounts with. Check out our FAQs for advice on Transgender name changes.

Our Deed Poll Premium Print Package provides a one-stop shop to help fast track to your new identity after gender reassignment. We offer a special discount for this community. Please get in touch with us at out contact page NameSwitch to find out more.

Changing name after Marriage

Under UK law, a marriage certificate automatically entitles you to take your other half’s name, irrespective of your gender or sexual orientation. You may also opt to double-barrel their surnames, with or without a hyphen. Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking you need a deed poll for a straightforward name change after marriage. All you need is a marriage certificate – we recommend you obtain 2-3 copies of your original marriage certificate to enable multiple name change requests to be sent off in parallel to the array of government bodies and companies that you need to notify of your new name.

The most common scenarios where a deed poll is needed after marriage are when a lady wishes to make a maiden name a middle name so as to preserve her family heritage or when a couple choose to combine names to make a new name – this is known as ‘meshing’. Check out our Deed Poll Guide to help determine if you need a deed poll.

Changing name after Divorce or Separation

As with marriage, a decree absolute entitles you to revert to a maiden name after divorce. Whilst legally you can adopt a maiden name at any time during separation, almost all companies require a legal document for this change request to be accepted.

If you wish to revert to your maiden name without a decree absolute or choose to create a brand-new surname to start your next chapter, you will need a deed poll in order for this to take effect. Read on for more advice on changing names after a break-up.

Changing names from Different Cultural Backgrounds

Some names are tricky to spell or pronounce – perhaps they originate from overseas or were the brainchild of somewhat cosmic parents – they may be so long that they often become abbreviated or misspelt. As long as you are over 18 and are a UK resident, you have the option to change your first name, middle name or surname via deed poll.

Reaffirm the name you associate with

Swapping a middle name with a first name – perhaps you were given your dad’s name as part of a family tradition but have always been called by your middle name – some chose to formalise this in their adult and professional life.

Or indeed since early childhood everyone has called you by a different name or nickname. Whilst the shortening of a name from, say Rebecca to Becca does not require a deed poll, being formally recognised as Bexi, would require a deed poll.

Changing surnames that better reflects or indeed honours the person who brought you up –a mother’s maiden name or grandparent’s surname for example. We recently helped a bride to be change her surname by deed poll to her late stepfather’s surname before she married, to in turn double-barrel with her husband after the big day.

Correct the misspelling of your name

Go back 20+ years when the world was less digital and paper forms were the norm… some people have had a clerical misspelling of their first, middle or surname from an early age. Often the misspelling is on a birth certificate or a passport which follows them into their day-to-day lives. Fed up with years of associated frustrations – we find a number of our customers spurred by a life changing event to get set record straight which a change of name deed provided by NameSwitch.

Why Choose NameSwitch?

Looking for a one-stop shop that combines deed poll with an award-winning notification service? You’ve come to the right place!

Obtaining your deed poll is a crucial step to changing your name and starting the next chapter in your life. Next, you’ll need to notify approximately 18 different government bodies and companies of your new name. A checklist is helpful but you’ll be faced with up to 14 hours of tedious research, letter writing and form filling….. NameSwitch takes all of that away and delivers everything you need to fast-track your switch to the new you – straight to your front door!

In fact, we are the only UK based Name Changing company to provide this unique bundle. If you dread the thought of wasting hours – or even days – drowning in the administration that comes with notifying companies that you changed your name by deed poll, let us take care of that for you. It’s all done in 3 simple steps. Then sit back, and let the NameSwitch magic happen!

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What’s included in our Deed Poll Premium Print Package?


  1. We’ll supply you with 4 x high quality original deed poll certificates, printed on 150GSM, foiled & embossed paper, ready for you & your witness to sign.
  2. We’ll also equip you with pre-populated letters, forms and personalised instructions you need to inform companies and government bodies of your change in name – choose from over 600 companies mapped onto our system!
  3. All printed and securely delivered to your home via Royal Mail first class tracked service.


We also offer a stand-alone Adult Deed Poll Package


  1. We’ll supply you with 2 x high quality original deed polls, printed on 150GSM, foiled & embossed paper, ready for you & your witness to sign
  2. We’ll also equip you with a checklist of companies to notify and a personalised name change request letter template
  3. All printed and dispatched to your home within 48 hours, Royal Mail first class

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If you have any questions on how to apply for a deed poll, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via online chat, email or over the phone you can view all of our contact details: NameSwitch