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The process of changing your name can be complex and tedious. It’s a daunting prospect to tackle alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our smart automation will populate your personalised letters, forms and instructions ready for download. It’s then over to you to sign & send on to the companies, in whichever order makes sense to you. The time it takes to process a name change request depends on the individual company and sometimes the season – i.e passports will take longer during the summer months. You can only request the change once you have your marriage certificate/decree absolute/deed poll. Having 3-4 original copies of your legal document will enable multiple name change requests to be sent off in parallel.

Our service focusses on name changing and not on changing address - the processes and forms used by many companies differ in most instances - Changing address is often a quicker affair and can in many cases be done over the phone/online without providing proof of deeds/tenancy agreements.

We advise you to change your address first and then change your name after. There are some exceptions to the above guidance where you can tackle both changes in one hit. The following companies can accept both name and address change requests via their forms: Companies House, Driving Licence, DVLA Vehicle Registration, HMRC & Passport.

NameSwitch letters and forms are not dated so you may send them off in the sequence and timing that makes most sense to your particular situation.

In general, if you are taking a partner’s name after marriage or reverting to a maiden-name after divorce, it is not necessary to change your name officially by deed poll. Check out our Deed Poll Guide to help you determine if a deed poll is required in your particular situation.

You can go through your NameSwitch order at a pace and sequence that makes sense to you.

If you use the same computer/device your entries will be saved on your cache. For it to be saved on our system you will need to review and accept our terms of service - your profile will be saved and you can then log back in and complete your order at your convenience.

You can also make any edits to your profile after checkout, such as amending your personal details, adding additional companies or company account information at no extra cost. Simply click on the ‘Edit My Profile’ button on your profile page and follow the steps.

If you need help amending any elements of your profile, simply email: thegirls@nameswitch.co.uk and we can update and regenerate your documents for you.

Important note, NameSwitch will only print and dispatch documents once. Should you want to make changes after your documents have dispatched you will need to print them from your profile page or get in touch with the team to arrange a reprint which will be subject to a re-reprint fee as outlined in our terms.