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A Guide to Changing your Name on Loyalty Cards

Changing your name due to marriage, divorce, civil partnership or any other reason requires documents to be amended such as passports and driving licences, banks cards and utilities to name but a few - Store loyalty cards can often get forgotten or put to the back of the stack.

NameSwitch is a company that aims to make changing your name a more manageable and less challenging process, and as well as having first-hand experience of navigating a name change, we pride ourselves on delivering all of our customers a personal service.

While we provide a free name change checklist to anyone who fills in our online form, it’s impossible to list all of the loyalty cards that a person could possibly own without turning it into an essay! So, we’ve produced this handy guide to changing your name on loyalty cards in the hope that it will act as a mental prompt when you’re working out which companies and organisations you’ll need to notify about your name change.

Our top tips for changing your name on loyalty cards

NameSwitch doesn’t usually cover online loyalty cards, local companies or store cards as there are literally thousands of them and more launching all the time. However, from our experience, we’ve learned that changing your name on loyalty cards isn’t always as straightforward or clearly explained as many companies like to make out. Therefore, we highly recommend that you contact the respective customer service departments to request further guidance. However, if you decide that you’d like to enlist our services, where appropriate, you may be able to use the generic letters that have been created in your NameSwitch pack. 

Please note that some online companies are not always able to change the name that was originally supplied when the account/card was set up. If you’re unable to determine whether this is the case for any of the loyalty cards that you hold simply by looking on the company’s website, we recommend that you explore the FAQ page or community chat if applicable.

But, as we’re eager to share our knowledge and help you with changing your name, we’ve collated contact details for some of the most popular loyalty cards and listed them below to get you started.

Popular Loyalty Cards to Check for When Changing your Name

  • Argos Card – you can call them on 03456 400 700 or read further details about how to manage your Argos card online;
  • Boots Advantage Card – you can find the contact details for the Boots Advantage Card team here;
  • Co-op – you can amend your details online via the Co-op website;
  • Costa Coffee Club – login to change your details here;
  • Debenhams Card - you can either call them on 0330 220 2518 or sign in to your account;
  • Debenhams Credit Card: Please send a letter with your old & new signature and your proof of name change (ie marriage certificate/decree absolute/deed poll) to: Newday Cards Ltd, PO Box 700, Leeds LS99 2BD
  • IKEA Family Card – call 0203 645 0000;
  • John Lewis – call 03456 100 312.
  • M&S Sparks Loyalty Card – you can update your details online here;
  • Morrisons More card – you can either call them on 0345 611 6111 or contact them online.
  • Nectar – you can manage your account details online;
  • New Look – you can either call them on 0371 781 3051 or send a letter with your old & new signature and your proof of name change (ie marriage certificate/decree absolute/deed poll) to: New Look Customer Services, New Look Retailers Ltd., Mercery Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 5HJ
  • Next – you can update your details online here;
  • Paperchase Treat Me card – you can alter your details online here;
  • Starbucks – you can alter your details via the Starbucks website;
  • Subway – you can amend your details online here;
  • Superdrug Beauty Card – you can alter your details online here;
  • Tesco Clubcard – you can contact Tesco online here;
  • Very – you can call their customer services team on 0800 092 3355;
  • Waitrose – call 0800 188 884 or email
  • Waterstones Plus card – sign in online to change your details.

Although they don’t count as loyalty cards, there are four popular UK websites which many NameSwitch customers hold accounts with – Paypal, Amazon, eBay, and Apple.

  • Paypal – you can use this link to see the name change process for Paypal accounts;
  • Amazon – this link shows you how to change your name;
  • eBay – this link tells you how to change your eBay account name and other contact details;
  • Apple – for helping with changing your name or Apple ID, please visit the website.

A final word

Sometimes, and particularly if you own a considerable number of loyalty cards, it can be easier and quicker to start over. By this, we mean that you could effectively create new accounts with the businesses you hold loyalty cards with before asking for the balance of the points you’ve accumulated so far to be transferred across to the new account/card. Sounds a bit drastic but some accounts, particularly those associated with a username that includes your original surname aren’t always straightforward to change.

Obviously, loyalty cards are just one of the many items that may require alteration as part of the changing your name process and we know from personal experience how much time and effort is required to cover all of your bases. So, if you’d like a helping hand from the experts in changing your name, our services are just a click away.

NameSwitch offers both online and print packages depending on your preference, and our prices start at just £45.95. We also offer eGift cards so that you can help a friend or family member who’s going through the name change process.

All of our packages provide you with either physical or secure online access to a pack of personalised letters, forms, and instructions that you can simply print off and send to the necessary organisations that require notifying about your name change. All you need to do is tell us which companies such as utilities, banks, and government agencies you wish to notify by selecting the relevant businesses from our extensive list.

You can find out more about how our service works here. Plus, you may find our other guides such as How to Change your Name on your Driver’s Licence and How to Change your Name on Facebook helpful.

And, finally, if there’s anything that you can’t find the answer to on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via online chat, email or over the phone you can view all of our contact details here!