Suggested order example

Below is an example of a recommended order to work through. The sequence will of course depend on your personal circumstances such as whether you have any travel planned and how many copies of your legal documentation you have. We recommend you prioritise at least one form of ID in your first batch.

The more copies you have of your original the more you can send off in parallel. Please refer to your personalised instructions for clarity on which companies require an original copy of your legal document to process your request.

NB Blue depicts where you need the original marriage certificate/decree absolute/deed poll in this example.


  • American Express
  • British Gas
  • BT
  • Council Tax
  • DVLA Driving Licence
  • DVLA Vehicle Registration
  • Electoral Register
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • HSBC
  • Land Registry UK
  • LV
  • NFU Mutual
  • Npower
  • Passport
  • Select & Protect
  • Severn Trent Water
  • TV Licence
  • Vodafone
Batch 1 Batch 2 Batch 3
DVLA Drivers Licence
American Express
British Gas
DVLA Vehicle Registration
Select & Protect 
Severn Trent Water
TV Licence
HSBC (In branch)
NFU Mutual
Land registry
*Council Tax
*Electoral Register

*you can also send off an email request attaching a scanned copy of your marriage certificate.