Frequently Asked Questions

  • You're missing a company

    We are constantly researching and adding new companies onto our system. Should you have a company that is not listed, please add it to your profile selection by selecting 'other'. Our system will then generate a pre-populated letter that may be used to notify them.

    Our researchers will also endeavour to look into your missing company/ies and provide you with additional guidance to change your name with them.

  • Can I use NameSwitch BEFORE my wedding/divorce/gender reassignment?

    Yes! NameSwitch allows you to set an 'effective date' in the future. Ideal for the super organised who wants everything set to go straight after D-Day! PLEASE NOTE that companies will need to receive official documentation (i.e. Marriage Certificate/Decree Absolute/Deed Poll) to affect the name change

  • Got a question that's not listed here?

    Please email us at [email protected] or click to chat and we will be happy to help you.